Increasing speed of means of transportation contributes to the erasure of so-called in-between places. What’s in between major cities is often irrelevant and treated as an obstacle to be removed or dissolved as quickly as possible. Travelling is one of the oldest human activities, although due to the technological progress its form has undergone a vast transformation.

In the past passing through was an active process, as opposed to the modern, non-reflective cutting through the space, facilitated by high-speed technology. Due to what was encountered on the way from the starting point to the destination, travelling in the past had a restorative and transformative power. The traveller was continuously attached to and aware of the space around. Throughout the time, the traveller transformed into a passenger

and the space into a landscape. Nowadays, from the ever-changing perspective of a high-speed train passenger, the space occurs as yet another sequence of quickly vanishing visuals.