Slussen Project is an attempt to rescue the ephemeral aspects of Slussen area, which along with its architectural death might subsequently dissapear. A construction of an extensive audio database encompassing a broad range of audible stories has been conducted across six months starting in December 2012.



If you would like to contribute with memory of the current Slussen do not hesitate to get in touch by sending an email to info@slussenproject.net. If you wish to get an access to the database, send an email with your name, surname and basic info focusing on your interests.


One of the results of the project is a release of limited amount of copies of an archival CD featuring 8 compositions based on eight different soundscapes of Slussen. The archival CD has a lifespan intended to be around 300 years. If you are interested in purchasing it, find contact information in the Contact section.


A selection of photographs from the process of practice-based research phase and excecution of field recording. The main body of work has been built between Dec 2012 and May 2013. The field work included extensive sound recording with long hours spent first on spotting interesting soundscapes and properly recording them afterwards. Interviews with people working at the area of Slussen in most cases happened spontaneously.

Welcome to the Slussen Soundscape Archive
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